EUROKUBAS is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

We work according clients’ requirements, take into consideration their needs and find the best possible solution every time.    

We base our customer relations on a WIN-WIN principle and continuously invest into process improvement and efficiency.

All company processes are monitored with the help of business management software to ensure 100 per cent quality, full traceability and delivery on time to our customers.

EUROKUBAS continuously invests into cable & wire processing and testing equipment and its maintenance.
The production machinery used at EUROKUBAS undergoes regular maintenance as well as calibration. We use machinery made by KMI (Italy), SCHLEUNIGER (Switzerland), KOMAX and other well established equipment manufacturers. There are fully automatic wire processing machines and a number of semiautomatic bench presses in our facility.

We only use the material that our customers want us to use. We work only with the best and proven supplier. All the material we use is RoHS compliant.