About us

EUROKUBAS is a skilled custom cable assemblies’ manufacturer based in Lithuania, EU.

EUROKUBAS employees’ qualification and expertise ensures customer satisfaction even in the most complicated and delicate projects that require exceptional precision and skill.

With the help of a team of experienced professionals, wide range of quality equipment and a reliable network of international suppliers EUROKUBAS has been delivering best result to it’s customers ever since 2002. Based in a near - shore low cost country within EU EUROKUBAS offers its customers in Scandinavia, Baltics and UK great value for a competitive price.

This is what our UK customer said about us:

,,.. all the work you've ever done for us in my opinion was exactly what I require from a  supplier who is keen to impress it's customer. Eurokubas approach is simply, clear & direct. It has a clear understanding of what the customer really needs.“

Mr Griffiths, from Kestrel International Circuits (A Falcon PCB Group Company)